The ORIGINAL Founding Titan EXPLAINED! | Attack on Titan | The Life of Ymir Fritz

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This video explains the life of Ymir Fritz, who was the FIRST Titan in Attack on Titan. She is the direct ancestor of those with royal blood, such as Zeke Yaeger & Historia. This video will explain how she really acquired this power of the titans and the full extent of her founding titan abilities. Her bloodline was spread far and wide, so now all present day eldians are referred to as "subjects of Ymir".

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In the mythology of Attack on titan, Ymir is believed by most people to have made a deal with the devil to inherit her titan powers, but the reality is much different. Ymir was born in an unnamed village around 2000 years before the start of Attack on Titan. During her childhood, Ymir’s village was conquered by a tribe known as the Eldians and at this time the king of the Eldians was a guy named Fritz. The eldian tribe was relatively small during this period, so Fritz would grow his tribe by enslaving people from the villages they conquered. In her early life she did not possess the power of the titans and so she was powerless to fight back against the oppression of the Eldian tribe. In season 3, Freida Reiss who was Ymir’s direct descendant, described Ymir as someone who was kind and always thinking of others. This kindness is no doubt what lead Ymir to one day open the gate of the pig pen, allowing one pig to escape in the process. After getting blamed, King Fritz declared that Ymir was now free and she was sent into the woods, where the eldian soldiers hunted her for sport. They chased Ymir as if she was a wild animal, and their arrows pierced her in the leg and shoulder. As she continued to stumble through the forrest Ymir came across an incredible looking tree (possibly the tree of yggdrasil?). In this tree was a pond, and Ymir was submerged underwater as she fell into it. As she began to run out of air, a mysterious entity appeared and latched itself onto Ymir’s spine. In the future, this entity would be referred to by Eren Krueger as “the source of all living matter”.

After making contact with this thing, Ymir was instantly turned into the first ever titan shifter, otherwise known as the Founding Titan. Judging by the way she towered over the trees, the original founding titan was even bigger than Bertholt’s colossal titan. Her titan ribs are also permanently sticking out, which is a feature unique to the founding titan but as we saw from Freida Reiss, not every founding titan has this feature. Because of Ymir’s subservient personality, she did not use her powers to get revenge on the Eldian tribe, but instead she remained a slave for King Fritz, despite him setting her free. Fritz then utilised her power to start growing the Eldian tribe into the Eldian empire, as her titan would effortlessly crush other nations in battle. The country of Marley was one of Ymir’s victims. While Ymir would use the brute force of her founding titan to destroy Eldia’s enemies, she would not have been able to use ALL the abilities of the founding titan at this time. That’s because things like titan creation and memory manipulation only work when used on the subjects of Ymir and at this time there were no subjects of Ymir. Normal people are unaffected by the founding titans abilities and so she wouldn’t have been able to turn people into titans or do all the other cool stuff which future founders were able to do. Going back to Ymir, 13 years had passed since she’d acquired the power of her titan and in that time the Eldian empire had grown incredibly wealthy. On the final day of her life, a rogue soldier in the eldian military attempted to assassinate king Fritz, but Ymir herself jumped infront of the spear to protect her husband and was killed as a result. She must’ve been injured too severely for her titan healing to kick in. Fritz was desperate to not let the power of the titan die out and so ordered his three daughters to consume Ymir, in the hope that they’d also become titan shiftERS. After consuming Ymir, the power of Ymir’s founding titan was split among the three children, and this division would continue until there were 9 titan shifters in total. Fritz had ordered his daughters to not let the blood of Ymir die out as he wanted Eldia to rule the world with titans and this is something that did end up happening.
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