The Truth About Shadowlands PvP - Broken or Balanced?

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World of Warcraft Shadowlands PvP has been under great discussion recently due to the current pacing and balance. Classes like Subtlety Rogues and Marksman Hunters have been plaguing the Arena and Battleground experience for many players since the launch. Because of this, many players are calling for nerfs before the Rated PvP Season Begins. However, I believe many classes like Ret Paladins, Arms Warriors, Shadow Priests, and Feral Druids could also be targeted.

This video is an attempt inform the PvP Community on what needs to happen in order create an enjoyable PvP experience for all players. Previous expansions like Mists of Pandaria used a different method of balancing that aimed to correct issues with the underperforming classes, where modern expansions seem to focus on simply nerfing the overperforming classes. I believe the ladder method is what has caused many of the issues that players experience today.

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