These Knives Just Don’t Miss! (Hunter Build)

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Athrys's Embrace is a fairly new hunter exotic armor choice that greatly buffs our weighted throwing knives. After landing a few rapid precision hits, your knife is strong enough to kill a guardian with a single bodyshot in PvP, kill a super with a headshot, and deals about 3x the normal damage in PvE.

This video showcases a bottom tree gunslinger hunter build that utilizes Athrys's Embrace, the Vigilance Wing, and a few interesting mods to get our powerful knives back as often as possible. While this is mostly focused on PvP play, this build also has some really strong applications in PvE, which we discuss later in the video. Enjoy!

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0:00 Intro
0:23 How Athrys's Embrace Works
1:50 Build Shopping List
3:45 Weapon Choice
7:55 Subclass Options + Armor Options
10:45 How to Play The Build
12:02 Application in PvE

Music by Joel Michael (my guitar teacher from 20 years ago ????)

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