Truckers Edition Nó 6-Road Rage,Carcrashes,bad drivers,brakechecks,Dashcam caught|Instantkarma

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Hey Guys,
This is Only Truckers Edition Nó5-Road Rage,Carcrashes,bad drivers,brakechecks,Dashcam caught|Instantkarma
It includes Road situation's ,Funny moments that our Truckers face on a daily basis.
The videos should be taken as a tool for Educational and Journalistic for learning.

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Credits for the video(Thank you):

DashCam: Ryder driver at Jubitz Portland OR.

????[01:08]Allways Andnever

Semi Impressive U turn.


Came out of Nowhere

????[01:52]Both sides of the Pond

Nearly a crash


Don't try to merge at 25mph in front of a 65mph semi.

????[03:02]Richard Walters

I-90 Shenanigans

????[03:21]Mountain Trucker

Brake Check

????[03:43]Robert Wainwright

Pickup pulled in front of me.

????[03:58]Robert W.

No clue


Tight fit 01

An old pickup blows out front tire

Last minute exit


Look before you wreck

Dumb pickup truck

????[05:23]Anonymous 2

Bulk driver on his phone,just misses construction borrows

????[05:36[L. L .



No stopping required on a right turn,needed to get to the beer store.

????[06:17]Bill Hammer Lane Starkey

Black dodge pickup in a big hurry.

????[06:29]Mountain Trucker

Moose slip and fall

Wyoming car chase

????[06:47]Regis Moreau

Road rage 1

Road rage 2


Car cutting accross 3 lanes to exit.

Car running stop sign

????[09:35]Butter Toast

Car brake checks semi on I-5 , California

????[09:52]Joner wrongly written ButterToast

3 Sept 21.


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