Unboxing - Nintendo Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros. System - Review

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It's now your chance to Own a piece of Super Mario history with this collectible Nintendo Game & Watch system.
Product Description:
- Collectible handheld
Nintendo system includes
playable versions of the
original Super Mario Bros.,
Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels,
a Mario version of Game & Watch: Ball,
and more
- Classic-style + Control Pad gives
you the original controls you remember
from the 1980s as you stomp Goombas
and dive down warp pipes
- Old-school two-player style lets
you pass the system to a friend so
everyone gets their shot at saving
Princess Peach and the Mushroom Kingdom
- Digital clock features Mario-inspired
surprises across 35 animations
ESRB Rating: Everyone
ESRB Descriptors:
Mild Cartoon Violence
Width: cm
Height: cm
Depth: cm
Weight: kg
Retro Console: Other

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