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- Rage 2 - PlayStation 4 Collector's Edition

Rage 2 - PlayStation 4 Collector's Edition

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Rage 2 - PlayStation 4 Collector's Edition

This collectors edition was really awesome and I think it was reasonably priced considering you get a talking head and a lot of DLC and digital conten along with the game.
I would have given this five stars but the outer sleeve of the box came tore up pretty badly and I was highly disappointed I the lack of care of whoevers fault it was.
I used super glue to glue down the parts of the box that were ripped up. It helped but you can definitely tell that it was tore up and it doesnt look that great up close.
Other than that I have no complaints! Great package and DEFINITELY worth the buy!
For the price and extra accessories, this is below the market average for a Collectors Edition. The gameplay, however, is run of the mill, teeters on exciting yet repetitive with some cool features and dynamic moments.
The characters are hopelessly mediocre yet the world is engaging enough.
I’ve been a rage fan from the comics to the first game so when the second game was announced I decided to get the collectors edition.
For me 120$ isn’t bad for what you get in this package the only complaint I could have is the rubber quality of the ruckus head mount, they could’ve done something more appealing when it came to material.
Love the game! if you like a play style like the latest doom you’ll love this game!
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