Wargaming Must be Joking! World of Tanks Console News (Wot PS4+XBOX)

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world of tanks console news video on world of tanks ps4 and world of tanks xbox one. These are the console world of tanks variants (wot console) and I discuss premium tanks discounts and sales as part of the most recent update to wot console (wot ps4 and wot xbox one news).

world of tanks console news and discussion video on the new bundles wargaming have released as part of their premium tank sales within the new update to update world of tanks ps4 and update world of tanks xbox one. Latest joke by wargaming in the store on wot console after update trying to sell black tanks for 52k gold considering they are mostly awful.

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More news videos of console wot for ps4 and xbox coming soon especially for beginners on world of tanks and some more veteran players. I hope the video showed you what premium tank bundles are the best this week and what tanks you might not want to pick up.

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