World of Tanks Console Update 6.0- Wot Update 6.0 Fixed?

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World of tanks console - wot console Update Fixed? The saviour of wot console is here. Stay tuned for world of tanks console update news and tanks update details for world of tanks action heroes. Feel free to discuss what you liked about update on our favourite console tank game!

World of tanks console is one of my favourite games to play right now and i hope you can enjoy it when the patches come to console version of world of tanks after fixes are made. The update will roll out for xbox and ps4 players on monday 21st december and should fix some of the problems wot console has had in the past few days. Be sure to follow me for everything world of tanks related and get yourself ready to play console world of tanks on monday again. Looking forward to playing with the tanks console guys again!

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I play on wot xbox edition for those of you who wonder. Shoutout to the wot ps4 players though!

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