You Control The Game! | You Play Animal Crossing: New Leaf

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The chat is the controller!
When you send "A" in chat,
It will simulate an A Button Press on our virtual controller!
If you send "D6" in chat,
The character will take 6 steps in the downward direction!
All of the controls can be found on the screen.
Please make our town look pretty :)

- Don't antagonize, bully, or harass anyone.
- No Spamming
- No trolling/button mashing (This includes going the opposite direction everyone else is trying to go)

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@Restream Bot is forwarding the messages the Twitch/Discord viewers are sending, to the Youtube chat.

"[Discord Nate Joe]" and "[Twitch HappyJuiceLive]" is Happy Juice on an alt account.

@Happy Juice if you want to time travel (Current day only) or have any questions

You can not visit other people's towns, or visit this town.
This is being ran off of PC emulator, not a 3DS console, so internet connections work differently than usual.

Nook's shop is located in the city, all the way north on your town map and across the train tracks

Retail is also a store you can sell at, located in the middle of your map, across the bridge and down, left

You can not change town tune, or draw a pattern, since touch screen controls do not work

Every 20 minutes, the stream runs a self-check up to make sure all system are functioning properly. This is normal, and the game will unpause when it's finished

You can request changes to how chat controls function

You can not save and quit, as this would allow players to potentially delete the save file

Players may experience different amounts of input lag. For the optimal stream experience, you Must be viewing on the Twitch platform, with fast internet speeds, and a local connection to a US server.

If your chat platform considers your control inputs to be spam, try altering the way you phrase your command. Example: L6, Six Steps Left, L6, Six Steps Left
Alternatively, you can send messages via our Discord server which has no spam filters enabled.

There are hidden commands that will also work, so feel free to play around with it. If I see people frequently using a command that is not known to the script, I'll most likely add it in an update.

These streams are funded through donations, and ads. If you'd like to help support these streams, consider using this link, or an option provided by your current platform.
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